I am always getting teased about my rear....

I am always getting teased about my rear....
I am always getting teased about my rear. Bullies are problem for everyone at sometime in their life. It is what you do about them that makes a Victor or a Victim.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humans could learn a lot from the herd...

Humans could learn a lot from horses about how
to deal with bullies, here are some examples:
  • A horse decides to bully another smaller horse, a larger horse steps up to protect the small horse and tells the bully horse to leave.
  • A horse decides it doesn't want to talk to another horses there is always another horse in the herd who will talk to them.
  • All the horses listen to the horse in charge, if they don't they have to go stand in time out until they can be better listeners.
  • Horses always watch out for each other.  If a horse lays down to take a nap another horse stands guard over it.
  • Horses forgive those that hurt their feelings.
  • Horses don't listen to what other horses think about what they are wearing.
  • Horses love unconditionally
  • Once a horse is your friend, it will always be your friend.
  • Horses don't stay angry very long.
  • Best of all horses don't care how old you are, how fat or thin you are, what color you are, how much money you have, or how fancy your car is.  We only care about if you are honest with us and treat us with kindness.
Wow, learning some of those lessons would make it a lot better for humans.
"Courage is fire, bullying is smoke"

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